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Birthdate:Mar 13
Character: Cogsworth
Series: Beauty and the Beast
Version: Human (Post movie)
Age: Never canonly-said. I say around mid-thirties.
Gender: Male

Cogsworth's sexuality isn't actually mentioned- or even hinted at in the movie or films. I play him more that he's not interested in love or relationships, because he's far too busy with work for such silly things. I'm not saying that he'd never be open for a relationship, it's just that it must
be the right person (good link, understand each-other, etc.) and they
must know how to open up (he's not going to be interested in a
relationship right away, because it will only go wrong, surely.)

could also be open for a homosexual relationship, considering he
just... gives off those vibes, sometimes, however he wouldn't accept it
as quickly- if not, he'd have trouble accepting at all. Being homosexual
was not proper in that age and he has a reputation to uphold!
And what would the servants say? Or the Master? Surely, he would be
ridiculed! Or at least, that's how he would see it.

is a plump man, enjoying far too much Christmas pudding in his time.
His shoulder-length brown hair is neat in a ponytail (a secret being
that his 'hair' is actually a secure wig, a fashionable thing in his
time and a great way to avoid showing off baldness), held together with a
tight golden ribbon. His facial features are defined by not only the
double chin, but the straight-curly mustache that sits under his nose.
His features are outlined by the curved-to-spiral bangs of his fringe,
sitting over crease wrinkles from his habit of frowning so much
(Lumiere's fault, obviously). His eyes are a simple brown, nothing
special to them (except from the possible glint of ~caring~ if you
really want to be mystical).

His little-to-no-neck is covered on
all sides but the front by his usual dapper uniform of gold and scarlet:
a long scarlet overcoat embroided with a lined pattern of gold up the
center, the gold turning into a curled collar that looks a little too
large for his body. Sitting over the front of the coat and in turn,
covering the front of the neck is a white frilly cravat (or a 'jabot'
depending on how you know it) falls over like a waterfall of fabric. His
under-shirt is simple white with partially puffy sleeves, covered by a
golden waistcoat that somehow fits his structure.

Simple black shorts cover his legs, the lower parts covered with white tights and small slip-on black shoes.
no matter whether he needs it (after ten years of being a clock, you
learn not to need one to tell the time), he always has his golden
pocket-watch dangling from his pocket; whether comfort or a reminder of a
time not long ago, he won't be seen without it.

being the head of the household- is a strict and punctual man who will
quite often be found ordering other around. He has a serious demeanor
(although adding 'very' to that would be pushing it a little too far)
and values playing things by the rules, avoiding trouble wherever he
can. Being the self-proclaimed 'head of the household', what he finds
perfectly fine and just doing his job (a.k.a. ushering the staff places,
cutting out any nonsense and dilly-dally), others find annoying and see
the man as too ‘tightly wound’. Yet, even with his dodging of trouble,
he always seemed to end up in it (although, Lumiere and the other
servants tend to have something to do with that.) Cogsworth is the brunt
of most of the jokes, quite often being teased or having jokes played
on him, which is made a lot funnier by his generally annoyed response.

majordomo sees life as a hard task in itself and knows that if he
sticks to his duties then he shouldn't warrant any trouble and may even
be praised for his deeds- and any praise is absolutely fine with him.
And in the case of life kicking him firmly in the buttocks- which it
does- he’ll find any way out of it (or blame it on Lumiere, because
usually it is his fault. Ahem.), which usually means boot-kissing; keep
in mind though that Cogsworth will not lie, only attempt to avert the
truth for as long as possible.

When there’s little of importance to do, he’ll be a loyal friend, talk forever about things that he’s
interested in and make horrible jokes- well, either that or you’ll find
him arguing pettily with his ‘old friend’, Lumiere (although this
happens whether there are jobs of importance to do or not and can last
up to an uncertain amount of time).

As strict as he may be, Cogsworth's heart is very much in the right
place, it might just take some warming up before he sees the light of
the situation. As an example of this, originally Cogsworth refused to
give Belle food in the evening, exclaiming his disapproval and agreement
with the Beast's disapproval; quite soon after (And with a fun song and
dance) Cogsworth was fine with it.

far as abilities go... After ten years of being a clock and knowing the
time, Cogsworth is a man able to tell time without even thinking. He
still counts the seconds subconsciously in the back of his mind.
punctuality can be a blessing and a curse at times; if you want
something done and you can get him to agree to it, it’ll get done and on
time. In a work situation however, If you don’t do what you’re supposed to be doing, he’ll make sure you do that on time too.

the case of weapons, he isn’t trained, but Cogsworth can use a sword.
He’s nothing special, but he can swing it around and poke people in the
bottom with it (whilst sliding down banisters in a Napoleonic hat, mind
you. That takes skill or that's just Disney.)

Cogsworth has a few weaknesses to speak of... I think to start, his
physical health is probably a good point. He's not the fastest of
people, which isn't helped by his weight; his stamina is at a decent
level, but he gets out of breath easily when running.

He'll do nearly anything for a slice of pudding- or any other fantastic
food that is.. There is another simple option to get him to do what you
want though: convince him that you have a good argument, or be Lumiere
(and by that, I mean go and do what he's telling you not to anyway).

a short time case, he’ll be getting used to being human too, so he
might be a bit odd on his legs or bumping into things (occasionally
tripping over, mind not clicking that he’s not tiny anymore, etc.).

Cogsworth history comes in three very strange sections: Human, clock and then human again.

was the respected majordomo to a spoilt, stubborn young Prince. In the
first section of his adult life, he went about his job and did what the
master asked of him without question (even if it would only boost the
child's failed attitude). All was ‘fine’ until one Christmas night when
an old beggar woman appeared at the doors of the castle. The Prince had
showed his selfishness and twice turned her away back into the cold,
taking no pity on her after she asked for shelter... But then she showed
herself to truly be an Enchantress, who, taking it as her duty to fix
the young Prince, cast a curse upon the Prince’s castle and every last
inhabitant. Every servant became an enchanted object and the Prince
became a ferocious and unlovable Beast. Cogsworth himself was turned
into a small pendulum clock.
Everyone hoped that the curse could ever
be broken: to love and be loved in return… However, nobody had ever
loved the Prince beforehand, so who could ever love him as a Beast?

This started the second section of his adult life.

then on the castle went into a panic, everyone was unsure on what to do
about their predicament. Cogsworth however attempted to continue his
work. Unsure on what else he could do after this drastic change and not
allowing for time to be wasted, he refused to give in and let this
change the household order. After a while, the panic died down and the
staff became used to their situation, doing what they could, where they
could. As much as they tried to resume with their usual lives, nothing
was ever the same…

Until the arrival of an old man one stormy
evening. Nothing had changed since the curse; this was until the
newcomer was taken prisoner by the Beast (no thanks to Lumiere and his
‘hospitality’). His daughter soon came to rescue him and made the offer
to swap places,  taking the position of the prisoner of the Beast, who
had forced her to live in the castle. Cogsworth, after being convinced a
little, did help her out by showing her around their aged old home; he
was actually quite pleased to have both a chance at becoming human again
and someone to show off to. The woman did however cause problems with
the Beast, causing their life to be that little bit more difficult;
Cogsworth managed in the way that he always does: he averted the truth
with the skills of a clock and when things went wrong he would grovel.
Naturally, he didn't grovel very well. Luckily, after a while both the
Beast and the girl began to bond

Even more problematic situations
caused Belle to be released by the Beast, causing Cogsworth and the
others despair at their chance to be human running out of the door; they
had no more hope, considering the rose would shed its last petal soon
(and so would cause the entire castle to be stuck as Beast and objects
forever). It wasn’t over yet though: a battle began with the
close-minded people of the little town near-by, and the objects had to
scare off the townsfolk (Cogsworth saving Lumiere’s wax whilst doing so)
as the Beast fought off Gaston (the mighty hunter of the town) up on
the roof. The Beast was killed in the battle, but with the admittance of
Belle’s love, the curse lifted and everyone became human again (as well
as revived).

And that's when the third section of his adult life: his present.

the few days since the curse had lifted, Cogsworth started to get used
to being human again, fought with Lumiere (as usual) and did what he
always did: work and be bossy.

Headcanon: (up to movie)
Cogsworth's father was the Majordomo
before him, raising him in the castle (under the previous King and
Queen) to be the next 'head of the household'. His father grew old and
Cogsworth took over, putting him in the position that he's in now. His
father passed away a few years after. This would explain how he gained
such a position and knows every servant.
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